Monday, August 18, 2014

Attend Gluten & Allergen Free Expo In Northern NJ (Greater NYC - September 6 and 7th)

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It's coming again to the greater NYC area, Gluten & Allergen Free Expo will be in Secaucus, NJ on September 6th and 7th, 2014.  At this event, you'll learn about new brands that fit your lifestyle choices and some of your favorites may be launching new products. Act fast to win free tickets or 20% off. 

But don't only attend for the vendors because this year you should check out the schedule of classes and presenters, then gather your family and friends buy tickets or search for a hotel in the area and enjoy NYC, CT, or the beach.


Always be sure to double and triple check with each brand marketing team at the show to be sure they are backing up their food claims as gluten and allergen free products, despite what is labeled on their packaging. Some brands only source these safer ingredients, but don't validate their claims through third party vendors who ensure there was no cross-contamination via batch testing in laboratories safely. In our real world, we always need to ask these tough questions for or own safety. It's only fair. This accountability is how each of us and our community can stay healthy and demand safety claims be respected. If they don't back up their claim, be wary and let them know that you won't support them until they do the right thing. I'll see you there! Blog with me @GlutenFreeG


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FDA Gluten-Free Guidelines Arise


As an old friend once said, "knowing is half the battle." These FDA gluten-free guidelines are not a law yet, but they're a step forward to deter the corruption in the gluten-free community from those who don't take it serious or are ignorant. And it's a mess! This is to educate owners, entrepreneurs, chefs, cooks, general managers, waiters, brands, marketers, retailers, brokers, neighbors and shoppers about the seriousness of gluten related cross contamination as a health concern that gluten is a damaging protein found in food grains that cause people to get very ill. The FDA has put together a guideline for how to label and prepare gluten-free in the USA which is behind many countries progression. Remember, despite it's many faults, shortcomings such as testing for <20 ppm levels vs testing for lower quantities, it's a good step into the right place and I am happy it's officially in the books. Take notes and learn more about the gluten-free lifestyle form @GlutenFreeG


  1. Brands of gluten-fee products have and will continue to make gluten-free food from ingredients stored and manufactured in a non regulated facility. This means that the food processing machines and other kitchen equipment have microscopic gluten stuck inside the gears, tools, engines, and belts along with the storage of mixed gluten and non-gluten bulk materials, which we all know is a No, No. 
  2. Restaurants are very busy places and therefore full of cross-contamination. For them to claim gluten-free is a joke, but some try their best to separate ingredients. With a mix of educated and ignorant chefs, runners, servers and managers how can you deliver a safe gluten-free product without disclaimers all over your menu - And will the disclaimer on the menu finally disappear or the gluten-free offering be put to bed?
  3. Some Gluten-Free Shoppers are on the band wagon and believe it's only a fad, but willing to try it. Other simply hate gluten-free food and people! Regardless, most doctors, scientists and educated consumers can read enough data that clearly show gluten-free is a rising trend. Replacing gluten related food with natural vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat, poultry and fish and avoiding gluten contamination is a very logical way of eating like our ancestors and avoiding MANY health risks apparent in the USA today. 

If a restaurant or product claimed “gluten-free” but got you sick, and you can tell this story accurately, then report them to FDA immediately here. I'd also suggest taking pictures of food, place and get names of those involved. Be well, be safe an report violations so that others do not also get sick. Thank you.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trader Joe's Forced To Change Gluten Labeling

Knock Knock

Who's There?

Trader Joe's 

  Trader Joe's Who?

Leadership Woes

For many years Trader Joe's have claimed to be at the forefront of gluten labeling. But we all know that's a joke because their labeling is the laughing stock of the gluten-free industry. Why? They have been labeling g+ products for years that albeit may have no gluten ingredients, but admit these products are strongly believed to have all sorts of cross contamination concerns and tell shoppers on a strict gluten free lifestyle to avoid them! Hmm, that's a mixed message, isn't it?! That makes no sense Trader Joe's team.  In reality, this signifies that gluten-free food is being polluted with other gluten containing foods from either supplier, manufacturer or preparation, but their staff has been promoting is as a legitimate gluten-free product in the marketplace and Trader Joe's doesn't seem to care.  The heart wrench is that those innocent people with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, and a variety of lifestyles that find gluten to be damaging to their health have been lied to.  This is a big deal and their lack of respect below could be interpreted that they don't care. 

Inconsiderate Label Changes

Example: Trader Joe's management and staff have told me dozens of time that their dark chocolate gluten-free almonds were indeed gluten-free. Skeptical, a few years ago I did believe them until I got very ill! I stopped and was very glad to have the will power to find a safer product elsewhere. Now that the FDA has enforced an August, 2014 gluten-free guideline you can see that Trader Joe's has legally been forced to end their deliberately misleading g+ no gluten ingredient claims.  See how these once g+ dark chocolate almonds now have a black marker crossing them off and their staff finally say to avoid them as a gluten-free consumer. This is a big deal and they show it with such disrespect.  You'd think that Trader Joe's who claim to be at the forefront of the natural food and gluten-free labeling would know that our bodies are smarter than their false advertising.

In Summary

  • Trader Joe's new GF claims: Product that are labeled "gluten-free" abide by FDA
  • What's next for Trader Joe's g+ label: It's being retired forever - Hallelujah!
  • Will I Shop There: I purchase mostly produce and some meat and poultry.
  • Recommendation: Shop elsewhere where you can trust and shop on the borders of grocery stores for perishable produce, meat, poultry and fish and look for certified GF products to trust. 

FDA Guidelines Are Working!

Thank you FDA for putting together a gluten-free guideline! Now be sure to enforce it, police restaurants, brands and retailers and hold business accountable for mislabeling to the public.  Shoppers must continue to be wary and when in doubt do not eat or drink anything that isn't clearly labeled gluten-free and has no risk of gluten contamination. Call the 1800 brand and find out how they back up their gluten-free claim. Re-gain control of your life and your health. Say no. Live smarter.